Sana Samia Macrame Lawn dresses 2015 for women have recently designed and launched. This collection has launched by famous textile mill, Lala Textiles……Lala Textiles Pakistan has being a part of fashion industry since year 1947. Lala Textiles offered their collections in four categories of Sana Samia’s, Lala Classic, Kesa and a Femme. After the great launches of so many collection, now Lala Textiles has launched Sana Samia macrame lace collection 2015 for women. Each and every dress of this beautiful collection has designed with full of elegant looks and styles. Each and every dress of this lawn collection by Lala Textiles 2015 has adorned with hues. Sana Samia Macrame Lawn volume 1 dresses 2015 by Lala Textiles for women are now available. It has many superb dresses for women. Lala Textile blends eastern delicacy and traditional colors and that is the true inspiration behind his prints.