The incredibly lovely photos from Saba Faisal’s visit to Behroze Sabzwari’s home have recently been uploaded for her followers by the exquisite and stunning Pakistani television actress. To meet their newborn grandchild Syeda Zahra Shahroze, Saba Faisal paid a visit to Behroze Sabzwari and Safina Behroze. Well, Shahroze and Sadaf were blessed with a beautiful baby daughter last month.

Sadia Faisal, the mother, and Saba Faisal visited Zahra. Baby Syeda Zahra Shahroze was the subject of some gorgeous photos taken by Saba and Sadia Faisal. Literally, they were adoring the cute new addition to the Sabzwari family. In tune with her moods, Zahra’s expressions were appropriate.