Rangoli Party Wear Collection 2013 for Women by Waseem Noor.

Waseem Noor launched her clothing collection 2013 party some time ago. Waseem Noor party wear collection 2013 is titled ‘Rangoli’. This is a very appropriate name for the collection. This is due to the stylish dresses collection of Waseem Noor party clothes are very colorful. Bright colors like yellow and gold can be seen in Waseem Noor party wear collection 2013. Long shirts with trousers and dresses churidaars included in each of the dresses. In the photos, the dresses are sleeveless but the designer could probably provided the dresses with sleeves. Banarsi fabric, colors and embroidered edges can also be seen in Waseem Noor dresses party wear collection 2013. We really like this collection and we are sure that many women feel the same way.
Waseem Noor is one of the famous fashion designers of Pakistan. Recently presented his collection at Pakistan fashion week 2013. Earlier this year, launched Waseem Noor Collection 2013 formal wear and bridal gowns. Both were quite nice. The designer is able to design elegant dresses for all occasions. Whether it’s ready or bridal wear, the designer is very likely to be able to meet your needs. Appointments and orders can be requested through email. The designer also has flagship stores and their populations stores.The checkered dresses of Waseem Noor multi party wear collection 2013 for women are lower. You can contact the designer for information or for questions related to Waseem Noor party wear collection 2013 by email or phone…

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