Ok did I hear this correctly or am I hearing things a little too much these days?!

After Fawad Khan taking over Bollywood and joining the ranks of the King Khans and Mahira Khan being praised by Shahrukh Khan for her skills and acting, rumor has it that Mawra Hocane has been approached to do a project in Bollywood with the very own Besharam Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. Yes girls you can start drooling now.

Mawra has been keeping us posted thanks to her social media accounts and instagram diaries, where she is not shy to express her feelings and plans. She has been posting pictures from her trip to Bollywood, keeping us updated about her whereabouts. However, the shock to us came about when she posted a video with the Bollywood Chocolate Hero Ranbir Kapoor praising her skills and beauty and hoping to meet her soon. Now isn’t that something!

The acclaimed Pakistani VJ/Model/TV Actress Mawra Hocane, who was recently seen setting the silver screen in Pakistan on fire with her acting skills in Ahista Ahista and Main Bushra, was seen in Mumbai for her first ever Bollywood project. Talk about the Pakistani beauties taking down Bollywood!

Ranbir was seen in the video with the following message before blowing a kiss in the end:

“Hi Mawra, this is Ranbir, here, you are extremely beautiful, extremely talented and I hope to see you sometime soon.”

We also heard that the actress is visiting India only to read a few scripts before possibly signing on a Bollywood project. However, Ranbir’s message of appreciation and affection, with a clear wish to “see” Mawra soon clearly can be taken as a hint of the pair coming together on the big screen and setting it on fire.

We do hope to see the drop dead gorgeous pair Mawra and Ranbir take on the big screen together soon and wish Mawra the very best for her trip in India! Happy Dancing! 😉

Here are some exclusive photos from Mawra’s Instagram account about her trip to Mumbai: