One of Pakistan’s top musicians is Aima Baig. She began her professional career by singing covers of various songs at Mazaqraat. Later, we watched her develop in Coke Studio with her own songs. Aima Baig continued to collaborate with all the major singers and producers of the time. She frequently sings background tracks for both comedies and tragedies. Aima Big consistently chooses fresh looks and has a distinct sense of style. She has frequently been charged with stealing Ariana Grande’s style by online users.

Aima Baig recently shared some updated photos that appear to show her following the latest K-POP celebrity craze. With BTS and Blackpink enjoying significant popularity in Pakistan, K-Pop is a relatively new phenomenon worldwide. Aima Baig also gave off a K-pop impression with her attire and hairstyle, making it appear as though she recently left the South Korean music scene. Here is how Aima Baig appears:

Public however is not vey impressed with Aima Baig K-pop interpretation and had this to say: