And today we bring you our very own pick to Pakistan’s top 5 fashion designers who have rocked the country with their fashion sense, style and revitalized the Pakistani fashion and showbiz industry with their phenomenal work!

     1. Hassan Sheheryar YasinHSY

On No#1 we have the kind of couture himself, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, more commonly known in the fashion and showbiz industry as HSY.

A salutatorian graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (class of 2000), Yasin is affiliated with the La Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne in France. He holds an honours degree in couture and currently serves as a member of the board of directors and the executive committee of the fashion institution he graduated from. Hassan Shehryar is also hosting a prime time talk show Tonite with HSY on Hum Sitaray. Starting as a fashion choreographer in 1994, Yasin worked both as a choreographer and designer in various shows within Pakistan and international shows including Dubai, London, New York City, and Toronto.

  2. Deepak Perwani 

180Deepak Perwani, is another fairy God mother of the Pakistani Fashion Industry and is both a fashion designer and actor. He is a member of the Hindu Sindhi community in Pakistan and a cousin of the legendary Naveen Perwani who is a snooker player.

The fashion designer Deepak Perwani not only participated in shows nationwide but also participated in the international fashion shows and showed his designs. Deepak Perwani is also the winner of the Lux and Indus Style Awards. The fashion designer Deepak Perwani is running his own boutique in Pakistan. His sign represents Power and Men’s confidence which is the most claimed statement in Men’s Designing of Deepak Perwani. The signature “Deepak Perwani” has been set himself by the fashion designer Deepak Perwani.

3. Nomi Ansari Nomi_Ansari

Pakistan’s King of Colour, Nomi Ansari graduated from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (affiliated with La Chamber Syndicate de la Parisienne, France) with a strong set of skills in couture development. This was to become his forte as he gradually evolved with a discerning signature of youthful palettes that become iconic to his brand. Renowned fashion commentator, Colin McDowell, reviewed Nomi Ansari’s Circus Collection in 2009 as “a breath of fresh air blown in from Pakistan…vibrant and original.”

Originality is what the designer was set to achieve when he set up his studio in Karachi in 2001. Nomi Ansari has changed the way women dress in Pakistan by encouraging them to trust colour; he has given them the confidence to mix and match contrasting separates in their wardrobes to create one coherent look. He is famous for using over a dozen different colours in an outfit, without allowing any of them to clash. His designs have the finesses and finish of a master couturier.

4. Fahad Hussayn

fahad_hussayn_couture_exhibition_in_islamabadBorn in Faisalabad, Fahad Hussayn started designing clothes for his family at a very young age. He got into fashion because of his mother, who had a small home operating venture that opened a lot of ways and options for him. dept in bridal couture clothing, formal and evening wear, Fahad’s designs celebrate tradition and intricacy meshed with modern sensibilities. Specialized in bridal wear, Fahad Hussayn’s creations depict art and architecture and one can easily tell that there has been a particular thought process going into each piece.

His attention to detail and eye for styling got him noticed and a few years of hard work added him to the list of renowned designers of our industry. Fahad Hussayn has been nominated for best upcoming talent 2009 and Fahad Hussayn’s Menswear has been nominated for Best Menswear 2011 in the prestigious LUX Style Awards. Amina Ilyas nominated for best upcoming model won the Best Dressed Female for Fahad Hussayn Couture creation at the tenth anniversary LUX Style Awards 2011.

    5. Amir Adnan

Amir-Adnan-on-640x4801990 saw the evolution of men’s fashion in Pakistan when Amir Adnan, a business graduate by profession, stepped out to realize his own individual style, at the same time translating it to the demands of a frustrated market. The need for a simple necktie took him to Italy where he trained and returned with an ingenious approach to reconstructing this basic accessory. Suddenly ties were no longer boring or stereotyped; the image metamorphosizing from the severity of formalwear to the emancipation of the modern day man. The new image of the tie spoke for a new era of menswear in Pakistan.

Packed with insatiable desire to design, Amir Adnan was charged with an energy to revolutionize mind sets and stimulate the senses of the modern eastern man. In 1992 he designed his first range of italic jeans, conventional denims block printed with a hint of ethnicity, and launched them in America. The juxtaposition of two seemingly heterogeneous cultures set the international market on fire, giving Adnan his cue to venture up the same path. This path, relatively unknown at that time, had taken him from strength to strength to the international fame which he has achieved today.

So these are the top 5 Pakistani Fashion Designers who have revolutionized the fashion segment in Pakistan and proven to be the Fairy God Mother to us fashionistas! 🙂