Lollywood beauties sure know how to strike a balance between their home, babies and their career. Now, more than ever, they are giving tough competition to all the single, young actresses out there with their super figures even with a kid or two in tow. We take a closer look at the top 10 yummy mummies who have proved in their own right that women can scale heights. So, who according to you, is Lollywood’s Yummy Mummy?

Hiba Ali


Hiba Ali was out of the limelight right after her marriage and baby. The beauty came back with a bang and that too in shape.

Sunita Marshal


She surely doesn’t look like a mother of two children! She has been in incredible shape ever since her modelling days.

Sana Nawaz


Sana loves to work out. She has always been the most carefree actresses around. And she hasn’t lost this quality after becoming a mother of two. She has somehow managed to age like fine wine and now looks better than ever.

Mehreen Syed


Mehreen Syed has always been in shape. Quite the stylista, she has a rare brand of elegance that you can’t miss. She established herself as Pakistani supermodel of high repute. She is now a proud mother of a daughter, Anum.

Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan one of the yummiest mothers in the industry, and her motherhood is the most hyped and talked about. She is named as the cutest, chirp and bubbly mother of Industry.