Actress Snana Nawaz reportedly been cast in a Bollywood film with Khiladi Kumar I mean Akshay Kumar. The Lollywood actress has already achieved recognition, having starred alongside Sunny Deol in Kafila and many other hit films in Lollywood.A source told Sana Nawaz has been approached by diffrent directors from Bollywood for upcoming films and sana will visit India very soon. Sana also backed up the report, saying: I have signed the film. We will start shooting in India. Its a thriller Comedy film and I am playing Akshays love interst. The actress has not yet confirmed the name of the movie and also other details about the movie.


Actress Sana, who will took a break from acting after becoming a mother second time, is said to be working hard on her fitness for this project. Sana is indeed popular; there is no denying the fact. And, most of her fans want to see her back on screen and with her comeback we can hope that she is able to make the impression yet again. But that seems a far fetched idea as of now with many divas reigning over Bollywood. We wish her best of luck !!! Actress Sana cast in Bollywood film with Akshay Kumar.