There was a time when you had to go all the way to the markets and store, keeping aside all the important tasks of your day, dedicating an entire time slot to the word ‘Shopping’. However, thanks to the Online Shopping mechanism, you can now get your hands on stuff readily available on your doorsteps by simply making some clicks on your smartphones, tablets or Computer. Making life extremely interesting and amazing, Online Shopping is one of the most liked new initiatives that the world has experienced in last few years. While there were only a few franchises, like eBay and AMAZON, that offered their Free Shipping services after an order was placed online on their online platform some years before, Online Shopping and trading contributes to almost 20% of the total trading business now a days as the vendors and Traders have found the business worth investing. Whether it be shoes, Watches, clothes, electronic Items, jewelry or even the grocery, every single item is now all set to make its way to your door steps, saving your time, money, strength and energy.


Understanding and engulfing the significance of this remarkable concept, the real-world brands too have included the online shopping theory to their official websites whether it be EGO, KHAADI, Generation, J., alKaram, Threadz, Kapray, and many more. These highly reputable brands offer the facility to their potential customers to get the selection done online and place their e-order without asking the client to pay in advance or through Debit or Credit Card. The payments are received by the courier services which are appointed to deliver the items after being dispatched from the actual Vendor. For sure, life was never that easy!

Daraz.pk_ is one of the outstanding franchises in the domain of online Shopping and has a huge list of satisfied customers. Being among the first few pioneers of the Online Shop in Pakistan, is an ultimate solution for the audience who wish to save its time buying anything online. The site has a great variety of items available that includes Fashion for both, men and women clothing, accessories, Jewelries, watches, bags, sunglasses, frames, Shoes, Jeans, etc. Other than the Fashion specifically for Men and Women, the site also has a huge variety for Kids of all ages. offers an extensive range of Mobile Phones of all brands, Tablets, laptops and other Electronic products that are new and comes with warranty. What makes the platform more popular among the audience is the phenomena of offering discounted deals to the potential buyers on different occasions like Eid, Black Friday, Independence day, Easter, Christmas, etc.


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