Nisha winter frames EMB & zigzag loan Collection 2013-2014 mixing perfect casual and formal clothing. Nishat linen winter loan now released and available in stores now. In this Nishat linen winter / autumn loan 2013-2014.
Nishat-Linen-Frames-EMB-Zigzag-Pret-Dresses-2013-14-14Nishat linen is a name of quality and style. Nishat linen – high quality clothing and accessories for the home…… Nishat linen is a branded mattresses to fashion and fabric marked in Pakistan. Nishat linen was established in 1990. Nishat linen is a product ofNishat Mills, a leading textile manufactures in Pakistan. Nishat Mills has a wide range of products for men and women. This year Nishat proudly presented extraordinary collections for the summer season and earned huge fame due to their unique style and patterns. Nishat linen offers his clothes in online shops. The company has several outlets of its own in Pakistan also. Nishat released this loan NL collection in different price range PKR from 2200 to 5500 PKR. Nishat launched this catalogue of clothes ready for winter 2013-2014 season.