Speaking of Mehreen Raheel, she is one of the famous models, actor, managing director of her family Company R vision and host who appears in Pakistani film and dramas.

Mehreen Raheel made her first debut in drama serial ‘Ajnabi Rasty’. Even though the role in the drama was really minute, but it opened a gateway for Mehreen to lead her way forward in TV Industry. Then she was recognized by her leading roles in well-known drama serials.


Recently the well-known actress and model was seen ramp walking in Abaya, which symbolizes our cultural value of veil in Islam. Mahreen Raheel was seen in notorious way of wearing Abaya in a modeling show. The norm of Abaya for womanhood is to veil herself not only by our culture but also by teaching of Islam, but today’s modern fashion world has manipulated the actual scope of everything.

Mahreen presented the Abaya by most of her body reveling which is a disgrace to our culture and Islam.