Mawra Hocane : Ahhh! Anyother one is ready to bite the dust. Few weeks ago in an interview Mawra Hocane told about her plans to visit Mumbai, India to discuss the scripts of few offers she has received. Now Mawra is in Mumbai, and has posted her pics on the facebook page, which we grabbed for you. History shows whoever left Pakistan media for B-town, hardly gets the success, and comes back usually with no integrity, reputation and future.


She seems pretty happy while on her way to India, and wanted to share her happiness with her fans. Seriously I always wonder why our talented stars always want to go to India for the exposure. I mean India has set their goals to enter into Hollywood but why not Lollywood understands that. Our stars are talented and should think outside the box. I mean there is a whole world outside Bollywood. What you guys think..?