Mathira2The acclaimed queen of controversy Mathira has recently been in news about her news of having given birth to a baby boy. The surprise came when the news of Mathira becoming a mother broke out, because most people had no idea about her marriage either.

In a recent interview to an acclaimed newspaper, she said that ever since she has joined the mom’s club, she has discovered some boundaries, and before this she was a wild horse. She also added that responsibilities actually make you a better more mature person and that all her goals are now within the limits she has discovered post motherhood.

Aahil, Mathira’s son, has now become the center of her universe. However, Mathira still wishes to continue her career in music and wants to produce good beats and is looking forward to releasing her two songs Piya Re and the remix of Neraay Aah this month.

We wish Mathira the very best for her future and her new beautiful life with her gorgeous son! 🙂