Do you know that Reemah Beyg casual dresses 2014 for summer have been recently launched? Yes, this news is all true and in this piece of writing, we will be telling all the important details of these Reemah Beyg casual wear dresses 2014 that have been revealed few days back! As we all know that Reemah Beyg is one of the leading fashion designers in Pakistan that offers casual wear dresses for every season….. So far, Reemah Beyg has launched so many collections and this hub has now launched its casual dresses. These dresses have been embellished with embroidery on front and also installed with block prints, screen prints and digital prints. It is a magical piece of collection line that has been put together into the color range of red, hot pink, bottle green, orange and sky blue colored shades. We are also putting up the pictures of this subjected collection line, have a look at them right from here!