Today is Ashura, a day of sorrow, lessons, and grief. It is also a day when Imam Hussain demonstrated to the world that you should stand for Haq and reject Baatil no matter how powerful it may be. We commemorate Ahl e Bait on Ashura and the sacrifices they made to uphold Deen e Haq.

The ladies of Imam e Hussain’s household in Karbala stood with fortitude and bravery, and they continue to serve as an example for the Ummah today to never submit to the powerful. We continue to remember them and draw lessons from them because they exhibited the same courage and will as their soldiers.

Here is a list of women of Karbala and the story of their bravery, so you learn from it and implement it in your eon:

1. Hazrat Fatima Bint e Muhammad RA:

Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain’s mother was Hazrat Fatima RA, Khatoon e Jannat. She had long since passed away prior to the tragedy of Karbala, but her courageous sons still carry in their hearts the noble principles of Islam.

2. Hazrat Zainab Bint e Ali RA:

Syeda Zainab is the valiant sister of a brave brother named Hussain ibn e Ali and the daughter of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima. Her story is one of defiance against Baatil against overwhelming odds, fortitude, valour, and belief. She made the tragedy of Karbala eternal. She used her voice to completely negate Yazid’s influence. She would assemble people and bemoan Hussain’s message. She continued to spread Hussain’s and the truth’s message. May Peace Be Upon Her.

3. Hazrat Umm e Kulsum RA (Zainab Sughra):

The younger sister of Imam e Hussain and Hazrat Ali’s child. She is renowned for her forceful eulogies and criticism of the Kufa people for deserting her brother during the conflict that resulted in his Shahadat.

4.Hazrat Fatima Kubra RA:

The daughter of Hussain RA who married Hassan e Muthana, the son of Imam e Hassan to fulfil a promise she made to her father.

5. Hazrat Fatima Sughra RA:

Daughter of Imam e Hussain who, due to illness, was unable to travel with her family and was left in Madinah waiting for their safe arrival—a day that never arrived.

6. Hazrat Sakina Bint e Hussain RA:

Imam e Hussain’s 4-year-old daughter would sprint onto the battlefield in search of her father’s body because she was unable to fall asleep without laying her tiny head on her father’s chest. The suffering she endured and the account of her shahadat are sufficient to arouse the suffering experienced by Muslim youngsters living in apartheid today. She was Imam e Hussain’s most adored daughter.

7. Hazrat Umm ul Baneen RA:

The mother of Hazrat Abbas RA, the brother and supreme commander of Imam e Hussain, and the wife of Hazrat Ali RA. The soul purpose for which Hazrat Umm ul Baneen nurtured her son was to live and die for Hussain.

8. Hazrat Umme Farwa RA:

Imam e Hassan’s wife, Hazrat Umm e Farwa, was the mother of Qasim RA, the young Karbala martyr, and Imam e Hussain’s older brother. She had always wished to see her son marry, but destiny had other ideas, and he ended up dying on the field of Karbala.

9. Hazrat Umm e Layla RA:

The mother of Ali Akbar RA and the wife of Imam e Hussain prepared her 18-year-old son before sending him into combat knowing that he would not survive. Due to his remarkable likeness to his great-grandfather Hazrat Muhammad SAW, Ali Akbar was adored by all.

10. Hazrat Umm e Rabab RA:

the mother of Ali Asghar, a 6-month-old baby also known as Abdullah, and the wife of Imam e Hussain. She knew Imam e Hussain wouldn’t come back alive when she gave him her child.

We should all be aware of and emulate these courageous Karbala women. They witnessed their soldiers being slain while standing shoulder to side with them, and it was they who broke the news of what had transpired in Karbala to the rest of the world. They were the ones who kept Hussainiyat alive long after he had passed away. May we all take inspiration from the Ahl e Bait’s faith in Allah, courage in standing up for what is right, and fortitude.