The delicately titled “Women in Islam” is a dutch documentary over the people life on and off track of the Muslim women in different parts of the world. This documentary basically aims to highlight the significant women in Islam for which the countries selected are, namely, Qatar, India, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, London and Holland. In which surprisingly the Pakistani diva Veena Malik would be talking about those important women of different Islamic culture in a six episode comprised documentary.

The main objective of this documentary is to educate masses and boost them to give up misconception and blind faith.The documentary centers around the belief to gain insights about the challenges and troubles the Islamic women encounter in everyday life and the age old clash between old religious customs and traditions, and modern day practices.


One episode of it features Veena Malik as she is the only Pakistani who works as a representative for the World Health Organisation and plays a big role. She is also a host mother to an 11year old girl Payal Kamble who was a victim of sex trade.