Imran Abbas, a handsome and accomplished Pakistani actor and model, attracted recognition quickly due to his dedication and good features. Imran has so far appeared in a number of dramas and movies. He is an actor who has had the opportunity to work in Bollywood as well.

Imran Abbas recently travelled by plane to Bahrain to attend the “First Social Media Awards.” Ameesha Patel, an Indian actress, was also sighted at the Bahrain-based event. Imran Ashraf and her buddy Ameesha were recently seen having fun together while recreating the Bollywood song “Dil Mai Dard Sa Jaga Hai,” which was initially filmed with Ameesha Patel and Bobby Deol. Imran Abbas commented, “Loved being “very filmy” with my pal Ameesha.

The video quickly gained popularity on social media and upset the fan base. Imran Ashraf’s friendship with Bollywood starlet Ameesha Patel angered online users. What the audience had to say is below!