This festive season IVY is reminiscing about the glories of a time gone by; the wondrous splendors of the Royal Courts, the extravagance of formidable princesses and the spiritual dedication to reach the highest states through art and beauty. The romance and fables of long ago brides, in their flowing taffetas and chiffons fluttering in the desert winds, seek to be a constant in our minds.The Ivy Bridal Collection features cuts and embroideries of precise attention to detail, with inspiration drawn from the splendors of the Mughals and their unspoken oath to the arts. The delicate pierta dura bales of blossoms at the Taj Mahal to the brilliance and fusion of cross cultural arts and techniques gave rise to the greatest patrons of the arts, the Mughals.In being fortunate to have inherited this legacy, we pay respect to our legendary past and to all those craftsmen who brought together Persian, Ottoman, and Greek cultures to fuse what we know today as our rich heritage. With reverence we glorify our beloved paisley, peacock and a plethora of other motifs and patterns which we as a people have come to be admired for. Ivy strives to present the most accurate and stunningly extravagant representation of our illustrious past.

Source: Bridal Couture Week