Humaima Malick is the only internationally successful Pakistani film star. She has mostly always turned down offers to host a national festival. However this time the offer was too good to be refused, when approached by the organizers. The festival will commence on the first of feb in Moen-jo-Daro, which will be hosted by Humaima Malick who sounded quite very excited and proud to have been given this opportunity. She said, ‘I am very excited to be a part of this festival. I think it’s a great initiative by Bilawal and I wish him all best for addressing such an important subject. As a society, this was a much needed event to broaden our outlook and own our identities’.


Humaima Malick has previously won 5 international best actress awards for her debut movie Bol and now is working with big bollywood sensation Emraan Hashmi in movie, Shaatir. She had a strong and devastating message to the world and said ‘I consider myself a cultural ambassador of Pakistan when I set my foot abroad for work. Unfortunately I feel there is not much we have done to bring out our identities as a nation and specifically as a culture. Branding Pakistan on the international front has been ignored for a long time and this event is a tool to achieve that. I hope we get to see more such festivals in future. Bilawal earns my respect for his vision.’

-Faraz Shah