Now Meeshan great style and smart clothing that is attractive and colorful display his latest collection fall 2013. Gather long – Shirts tops, tunics and trousers and dresses with tight loaded . The collection also includes clothing for girls management . Meeshan with the printing and textile design bak both…. Meeshan Cute beautiful look and style of this dress with embellished clothes appear .The collection of clothing Meeshan – Meeshan for women , which is designed only is the species with the famous one style . Meeshan fulfill the purpose important to women eligible with organizations that are fashion -screen mission has emerged in 2013. Pret be used as a fashion beautiful and unique of its products with the manager clothing as well. Clothing always Meeshan, casual and formal wear for women , children wear men ‘s clothing, shoes and management .
This is a new collection designed for parties and Muslim holy occasion of Eid, see below