Gorgeous Sohai Ali Abro Enjoying At Beach With Her Family

Gorgeous Sohai Ali Abro Enjoying At Beach With Family…

Beautiful Pakistani television and cinema actor Sohai Ali Abro rose to prominence quickly. Sohai Ali Abro participated in a number of successful movies and television shows. Her well-known films include Motorcycle Girl, Wrong Number, and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. For Motorcycle Girl, she won the prize for best film actor.

Sohai Ali Abro has a sweet daughter named Sashana after her marriage to Shehzer Mohammed. The young couple enjoys spending time with their small daughter. Sashana’s reels, posted frequently by Sohai Ali Abro. Sohai Ali Abro just uploaded an Instagram video of her day at the beach. She enjoyed herself tremendously at the beach with her husband and daughter. Check out the images:

Here is the Instagram reel shared by Sohai Ali Abro: