Firdous launched his Corduroy winter collection 2013-14. Firdous Corduroy collection 2013-14 has some very vibrant prints for women. Traditional designs feature prominently in Firdous Corduroy Collection 2013 for women. Women will be able to get complete 3 piece suits and borders, neck and sleeves in Firdous Corduroy winter collection 2013-14. Firdous Cloth Mills is one of the leading textile companies in our country…… It has many different products, but is best known for its women textiles. Women fabrics provides appropriate for different seasons. Firdous Cloth Mills collections are mostly among the best collections of the season. Besides women fabrics, the company also provides accessories and home textiles. Recently, threw shoes and bags collection. The fabrics of the company are quite reasonably priced and are of high quality. They are easy to get because almost available on all fabric stores in the country.Images of Firdous Corduroy Winter Collection 2013-14 for women can see in the pictures below. The collection is now available in all major fabric stores in the country.