urwa03And we have another rumor in the mill!

We have been aware for a while now of the growing relationship between the aspiring singer and actor Farhan Saeed Butt with thevery beautiful and promising actress Urwa Hocaine, rumor now is that Farhan Saeed is soon to be married to Urwa Hocaine and break millions of hearts of his female fans around the world!

Farhan-Saeed06340243_20141229184644As seen on Urwa’s Instagram account, the two share a very close relationship and enjoy spending time together which ranges from attending events, birthday parties to watching the World Cup matches together. Now rumor has it that Urwa Hocaine is soon to be hitched to Farhan Saeed. The news is also confirmed and acknowledged by Mawra Hocaine, the 2nd Hocaine Diva.

In the popular Umar Shareef Show “Har Lamha Pur Josh”, Farhan Saeed was asked about his plans moving forward and marriage to which the actor said that he was planning it and will be getting married soon. On another answer, Farhan added that if anyone likes him, it is because of his personality on which of course he did not mention the name of his beloved to be Mrs. Farhan Saeed but from Urwa Hocaine’s instagram it is evident that the couple if ready to tie the knot making us fans get ready and excited about yet another beautiful Pakistani couple!

We wish both Farhan and Urwa the best for their future! 🙂

Check out Urwa Hocane’s exclusive Instagram pictures with Farhan Saeed here: