Famous Bollywood Actress in life taking disease ...

Actress Vidya Balan, who recently came back to Mumbai after shooting for Kahaani 2, is down with dengue. A source close to the actress revealed that she was diagnosed with the disease on Thursday and has been advised bed rest for the next 10-15 days by her doctor.


The actress had just returned from US schedule of “Kahaani 2”, her forthcoming film along with Begum Jaan.

Even Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s house turned out to be a breeding zone for mosquitoes. While no breeding sites were found in Balan’s residence, two sites were found in a flat on the fourth floor and in Kapoor’s swimming pool.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s health department has served a notice to Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor after mosquito breeding sites were found during an inspection of the building he resides in. The inspection was carried out by the insecticide department officials amid the news of actor Vidya Balan, a resident of the same building, suffering from dengue.

The inspection of flats in the building named Pranita on Juhu Tara Road was conducted by a team of five civic officials at around 2 pm on Friday.

“In a flat on the fourth floor, we found a Petri dish for plants and a tarpaulin on the terrace and an unused swimming pool in Kapoor’s flat were found to be mosquito breeding spots. We have served notices to both of them,” said Rajan Naringrekar, the insecticide officer of the civic body.

Original Source: Indian Express