Whenever the word heroine is heard or read, an image of a perfectly beautiful girl with a heart of gold pops up in our mind. A girl who is flawless in nature, etiquettes and manners. A girlwhose behavior is ideal for others. But hold on!...


Our Dhaani is nothing of the sorts of heroine mentioned above. Yes she is beautiful and has a heart of gold but manners? ETIQUESTTES? One can’t be sure about them. Being raised in an old city mohalla, Dhaani, who doesn’t possess a thing for education, is all what a bubbly, loud and mischievous but vibrant girl would be. Having an astound love for colors and kites; Dhaani never misses a chance to enjoy them. Not only she flies kites but also notoriously loots them.
Being raised affectionately her loving aunt, as she lost her mother in the early ages; Dhaani is somehow innocently spoiled due to her aunt’s extreme love for her. Although her father is a strict and righteous man who although loves his daughters dearly but doesn’t tolerate a mistake, as he wants his daughters to be perfect in each way so that they can live with peace and harmony in their married lives. But Dhaani’s childish nature doesn’t let her to abandon her mischievous personality and she, without letting any worries to fall upon her, lives the life to its fullest.