We started off with the designing of clothes an year back,it just happened all of a sudden without any planning or anything. We just thought that it was fun and a good leisure time but after we got a real good response so we thought to take it seriously. Our journey started off with The name ” Junk to Funk” almost 20 student designers were a part of it. Junk to Funk was a great platform given to us we learned a lot working together but now when we have our own brand ” Desi Beads” which is a amalgam of two student designers Zobia Younus and Hiba Manzoor. Desi Beads means a lot more than just a brand name it tells a story,it basically gives tribute to those who work hard and earn to live up their lives. Looking up the people working from day to night in the extreme conditions of weathers whether its hot or cold. Just because they want to fulfil the needs of their families, just to satisfy their hunger and basic needs especially in the old age when they have no strength. It feels so bad but this is what life is all about. We kept the brand name that way cause we always want to promote Our Pakistan,it’s people,it’s culture and everything related to it so Desi Beads came up with the thought and we wish it goes on a long way where we can promote our nation and its people with more respect and grace !:)

Model:Mohammad Ali Khan Baloch
Photography:Dayan Broh

Email us on desibeads@hotmail.com
Contact :03332666690