Deepak Perwani is among fashion designers distinguished and well recognized in the world of fashion when it comes to Pakistan and he certainly needs no introduction. He is very famous for its superior textures and fabrics provided final quality. He took his career in the fashion business in 1994 when he was at an early age of 20.He first focused on the introduction of clothing for men and in just two years became notable among men. Almost immediately after 2 years of tremendous achievements in the segment of men went to the track to give a lot of bias against women as well, and in 1996 highlighted its women wear in Zamzama in Karachi……Deepak Perwani is undoubtedly among the designers who have an innovative way to drive fashion. As Eid is coming soon so every designer is stepping forward in the creation of his collection of Eid so how Deepak Perwani can imagine that would be left at the back.Recently, Deepak Perwani has promoted its elegant and splendid Eid collection 2014 is dedicated to important women. All designs are beautiful and symbolize a refined and beautiful image of women. In this article, we are giving out some of the stunning images from the collection Deepak Perwani Eid 2014.