Charizma by riaz art – the weaving passion into fabric – is not just a fashion brand, actually it is a lifestyle maker. It illustrates cultural patterns with appeal and demonstrates with chic and trendsetting philosophy. This year, Charizma winter collections 2014-15 vol-1/2 was launched under the umbrella of riaz art and once again the brand has collaborated to bring charizma vol-3 collection 2015…… Although, it is a part of previously launched 2 editions. In this vol-3 or chapter 3 lookbook, charizma has brought dynamic, and style statement prints that has been defined with elegance and femininity. Charizma ( who known as tradition reviving brand ) has designed the winter fabric with excellence and prestigious quality. CHARIZMA has developed the winter collection 2015-16 vol-3 according to brand ideology and composed extra rich attires on the canvas of fashion. These winter dresses features natural stories in color and patterns. Which beautifully blended in vibrant and shocking emotions in inspirational manner by riaz art. This year, the new winter range 2015 by charizma is more versatile; it portray sophistication, glamor, and distinct.