Celebrities Can be Pretty: From Reel To Real...

It’s okay, we know that like us and almost everyone else, you too think that celebs are not normal people. But guess what, besides being famous and spending most of their time in the glamour world, these stars get up to the same as the rest of us- flaunting off their cool stuff, posing in the loo, taking selfies while stuck in a crazy traffic jam, and so on and so forth.

So, as a little Monday treat, we decided to stalk some A listers’ Instagrams to give you a sneak peek of what happens off screen. Enjoy!


Being a makeup junkie, I for one, always make sure to take close ups of my made up self either before heading out or after returning back home. This obviously is followed by a collage which I then put on beauty forums to flaunt how I’m actually a beauty addict in training. And from the looks of it, the sexy Billi of our entertainment industry is also fond of doing the same. A girls’ thing, I assume?


Taking a picture first before actually purchasing something cool and sometimes just putting it back probably because it’s not worth it – don’t almost all of us do it all the time while shopping?

Bathroom selfies- yeah they might not be cool and touted as one of the types of selfies we all need to stop taking, but look, even the celebs do it!


The gorgeous Syra Shehroz is all set to head out to a mehndi. We are sure however that this beautiful click must be having several other versions which the beauty must have dismissed before finally decided to put this picture up for her fans to drool over. Don’t we all do the same after all- taking multiple selfies before actually deciding on one to upload on social media?


Mawra Hocane flaunting her branded bag and shopping skills- not an unfamiliar occurrence at all haina?


Those mirror selfies- even the celebs can’t get away with them despite being in front of the lens almost all the time!


Not even one, but two scrumptious, calorie laden cupcakes at a time…even celebs have a cheat day.


Yes, even we admit that the best profile pictures are the car selfies which are clicked while being in the middle of a crazy traffic jam. And that too, with those funky sunnies on.


So looks like the celebs are also fond of making weird, funny faces while taking a selfie. After all, who pays heed to the plain, conventional ones, right?

Source: Fashionuniverse.net