Indeed, the Khan of Pakistan appears to have been turning down scripts at the drop of a hat. And well, when you consider all the offers he’s flooded with, who can blame him? Here are five drama that you will not believe Fawad Khan rejected:

5 Pakistani Dramas You Won’t Believe Fawad Khan Khan Rejected

1. Payre Afzal


Indeed, the lovelorn Hamza Ali Abbasi wasn’t the first choice for the role of Afzal; not even the second or the third either, as a matter of fact. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar was wrote with Fawad in mind but the actor did not like the script. The offer landed with fawad who refused to be associated with the drama.

2. Sadqay Tumharay


While we’d normally have felt bad about missing out on the chance of watching Fawad stretching his acting chops in this cult classic, but given that it happened to gift Adnan Malik, we won’t complain.

3. Shukk


With the debacle of Saat Pardon Mein directed by yasir Nawaz still ringing loud, Fawad who had some issues with the leading ladies and script, politely turning down the offer for Yasir Nawaz’s drama Shukk citing lack of dates.

4. Mata e Jaan Hai Tu


Mehreen Jabbar’s name may not be one taken lightly in the drama fraternity, but the script for her drama, Mata e Jaan Hai Tu was rejected by Fawad Khan as he reportedly found her offer not interesting.

5. Neeyat


Apparently the epic Humayun Saeed wasn’t director Mehreen Jabbar’s original choice for Neeyat; Fawad Khan was first offered the script for the drama opposite Mahira Khan, which he then turned down for reasons unknown.