A 24 year old Singer from Multan, Pakistan has long been in underground Pakistani Music industry but now revealing himself with his amazing talents.The singer came to spotlight after kicking more than 80 sold out concerts in Pakistan and made himself a King of Live Music, Heart of concerts.


He doesn’t made it possible with his charming looks but with his amazing voice.

Asmaar Peerzada, born January 11, 1992 has released a cover for Hello by Adele which seems to be the only Adele cover from Pakistan. Song had over 8k hits on social Media and is yet to be release on TV. Singer has also wrote an Urdu song called ‘kuch tu kahu’ and now while talking with Fashion360, Asmaar revealed release of his Debut album in 2016.


“Name of the album is still a secret, but I’m sure it will change many things. I wrote every song with honesty and gave a meaning to it. I think songs without meaning are more like body without soul”


While mostly people criticized him for being too much talked about person in his university. Asmaar has been the only voice heard from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad.