Amir Liaquat is religious scholar and host who usually becomes victim of criticism. Amir Liaquat is all set to work in Movie along with Saima who is famous film star. Syed Noor has convinced Amir Liaquat to work in his movie and Amir Liaquat has accepted his offer...

According to Syed Noor, “I wrote a screenplay four years ago, keen to produce a different kind of message-oriented film. I was wondering whom to cast opposite Saima when I came across Dr. Amir Liaquat’s show and my heart said that I’d found the right man. I decided to convince him to sign my film. Initially, Amir Liaquat was reluctant to accept my offer but when I narrated the story to him, he agreed. He will be my next hero with Saima as the leading lady.”


Source: style