Oh yes, there is a reason the world selfie has been included in the dictionary and psychologists have claimed that it is a disease, more like a psychological state!

Who are Selfie Queens in Pakistani Showbiz: The popular, most sought after female faces of Pakistani showbiz industry who just love taking selfies! Lets find out who are the most popular Selfie queens in Pakistan:

5. Sohai Ali Abro: On No#5 we have the acting sensation gripping the Pakistani media scene with her brilliant acting skills and innocent looks, Sohai Ali Abro. One thing we know for sure from her obsession for selfies is that she loves her selfies with her pout.

4. Sajal Aly: The young pretty face which is pretty much seen in most dramas these days, Sajal Aly too is a selfie fanatic. Her usual selfies are during shoots while she is all decked up.

3. Urwa Hocaine: Oh yes, the beautiful Urwa loves sharing her moments with her fans, whether its just going out, during shoots, meeting friends or anything else. Both Urwa and Mawra love to share their moments on Instagram, while one thing you can find from Urwa’s account is her selfies with Farhan which gives us a little smoke to find the fire.

2. Mawra Hocaine: How is it possible to Urwa in the Selfie Queen list and not have the other gorgeous Hocaine sister Marwa follow up in it. Marwa is the baby doll posts on Instagram as #Instaholic which is definitely an understatement for her.

1. Sanam Chaudhry:  So after due consideration, we are crowning Sanam Chaudhry as the Selfie Queen of Pakistani Showbiz.. She loves to share her every passing moment with her fans and even uses a selfie stick for her selfies sometimes. Now isn’t that the works of a true queen!

Stay tuned for more on the Selfie Kings of Pakistani Showbiz! 🙂