Al-Zohaib Textiles are the Intercontinental Supplier of Greatest Quality Dresses and are dealing in almost all types of dresses including Branded Wear, Formal and Informal Party Wears, Bridal Dresses, Men’s , Women and Kids Dresses and Ready Made Dresses. The fashion designers play a pivotal role in distributing fashion information amongst fashion adopter….. It requires strong business skills, creativity, differentiation, knowledge of current fashion trends, strong visualization abilities and a good eye for materials specially fabrics.Al-Zohaib Textiles showcased their digital printed, modern, and startling collections on Pakistan fashion week 6 London this brand is promoting fashion style globally with their semiformal wear collection which has been much spectacularly designed for the women for the reason that the cuts and hues have been turning the entire collection outfits as much diverse looking from one another.