Actress Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi Nikkah Pictures...Right after Urwa and Farhan ‘s grand wedding ceremoy, we heard another great news of Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi ‘s marriage. After the engagement, Mehndi, and Mayoun, the couple has got Nikah-fied today on December 30, 2016.

first, it was decided that the Nikkah would be held in a hotel but due to some security reasons the booking was cancelled, and finally the couple decided to celebrate Nikkah function at their residence.

The Mehr is Namaz-e-Fajr. Here’s what Yasra said about the Mehr:

Abdul Hadi has agreed on Namaz e Fajr as my Mehr. Umm Sulaym bint Milham is where I got my inspiration whereas most religious schools strictly believe it must be money or a financial asset as those are means of making an individual feel socially secure and rightly so because it is logical. And amidst extensive literature on the subject I found her and Abu Talhah’s embracing Islam is what she settled for as Mehr. It made me wonder how progressive was a woman centuries ago who understood what would make her truly secure.