Watch 9 Interesting Known Facts About Actress Sanam Jung...

1. She first studied in St. Michael’s and then did her MBA from CBM. She has been working as a teacher, a banker and a Country Business Manager for a multinational company before coming in showbiz.

Sanam Jung - 01

2. She never wanted to act. She was an A-levels student when she found out about Nabila’s talent agency Zinc which at that time was giving a free makeover followed by a photo shoot. So, she ended up at Zinc for makeover and shoot. A few days later she got a call from an agency for a TV commercial. She was not sure if she wanted to do it but her parents encouraged her to go for it. And that’s how she ended up doing her first TV commercials.

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3. She has great love and respect for her father and can’t say no to him under any circumstances. She is a very obedient daughter.

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4. Sanam always takes her mother or sister on trips with her. In fact She used to pay her sister to accompany her on trips because she cannot travel alone.

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5. She is an amazing swimmer and has participated on national level swimming championships.

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6. She does not know how to cook but she is perfect in making tea and boiled eggs.

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7. She can’t keep a secret, ‘Mein pait ki buhat halki hoon. Mujhe koi kahe ye bat kisi ko nahi batani us waqt to me sir hila deti hoon lekin thori der bad kisi na kisi ko bata deti hoon” Sanam said.

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8. She does not like reading, specially drama scripts. “I can’t remember dialogues at all and I’ve ruined countless takes because I’ve mixed up my lines” Sanam added.

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9. In her childhood she was very disrespectful to her mother she once said, ‘Me ami ko kisi bhi khatir me na lati thi kuyn ke mein samajhti thi jo bhi parents karte hain ye unka farz hai, waqt ke sath sath unki value ka andza hua ab meri mother meri best friend hain”..

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