1) Jab They Met
Not many know that Ali Zafar is a skilled artist. He had sketched his first comic at the age of 8, and by his teenage days he was already making money from his art. He used to work as a sketch artist in a hotel lobby. That’s where he met Ayesha Fazli for the first time.


2 )When the Wedding Bells Rang

After dating each other for a while, the duo tied the knot in 2009. The fact that only a few people get to marry their college sweethearts makes this jodi 10 times more special!


3) The kids

Ali and Ayesha have been blessed with two kids: A boy and a girl. Azaan Zafar was born in 2010, while Alyza was born in 2015.


4) The no-kissing clause

Ali Zafar is so committed to his wife that he refuses to do intimate scenes on the big screens. For the kissing scene in his film London Paris New York, the filmmakers had to use a body double. Ali has a no-kissing clause in his contract.

5) They are related to Aamir Khan!

Ayesha Fazli is a distant relative to Aamir Khan which makes Ali Zafar also a relative, by marriage. Aamir was himself unaware of this and was quite surprised to know about this connect. Aamir and Ali share a good chemistry, and if the rumours are true, Aamir even tried to play peacemaker between nephew Imraan Khan and Ali


6) Ali and Ayesha were kidnapped, once!

As if their love story wasn’t film enough, they were also the victims of a kidnapping. Back in 2008, after a romantic Saturday night dinner, they were abducted! They were only released when the family members paid 2.5 million rupees as ransom; the identity of the kidnappers remains unknown till date.


7) They look perfect together!

Just look at the love. Wishing for someone special, yet?