On the occasion of Children’s Day, we bring you a list of Hollywood film remakes that can act as a launch vehicle for these star kidsIn Pakistan, it is beyond any smidgen of doubt that we love our superstars. And most of the time that love even transcends to their family and kids, as we are all excited to see the young kids on the block, constantly tracking their growth and speculating their entry into the Showbiz world.Keeping Children’s day in mind, we decided to have some fun of our own by relating these star kids to the popular Hollywood films. We come up with a list of 5 Hollywood remakes which can be a perfect launch pad for the young ones of the super stars:

Baby’s Day Out –Amlir Kanwar


How many of you just adored the picture of Fatima & Kanwar’s son Almir Kanwar .The one and few months old, baby is the cynosure of all eyes. Going by the sheer cuteness of Almir, what better launch pad for him than the remake of classic comedy Baby’s Day Out? The baby in the original film makes life a living hell for his three abductors. So being the baby of stars will love to see cute little giving tough time to the baddies.

The Karate Kid – Zain Noumaan


The teenage son of Noumaan Ijaz, Zain Noumaan, however we think who is 17, would be perfect for The Karate Kid remake. The cult classic was recently rebooted in Hollywood with Jaden Smith in the lead and taking into account the lean physique of Zain, Noumaan’s eldest son would fit the bill for the lead role in The Karate Kid remake.

The Princess Diaries – Rea Pervaiz


Moammar Rana’s daughter, Rea Pervaiz, was in spotlight recently when people appreciate her for hergood looks. However, it is a un-known fact that Rea has acting aspirations or not but we think we might have found the perfect film for her debut. We would like to see Rea step into Anna Hathway’s shoes in The Princess Diaries remake. We thinks she would perfectly fit the bill.

The Parent Trap – Bano, Bahisht-e-Bareen & Ranny


Triplet cuties of Shaan Shahid ,Shah Bano, Bahisht-e-Bareen & Ranny these girls are identical too. In the film Lindsay lohan plays twin sister but we put desi tadka in it and alter with three little cute sisters similar to that of what twin Lindsay Lohan faced in Hollywood flick Parent Trap.

The Pursuit of Happyness – Fawad Khan and Ayyan Khan


Will Smith’s son Jaden smith won a lot of accolades for his cute yet heart touching portrayal of a child whose father is trying real hard to make ends meet. We have seen Fawad Khan and his son Ayyan in the public. And we believe this adorable father-son jodi will work wonders in the Lollywood remake of Pursuit Of Happyness. And being Fawad’s son, who knows Ayyan might give tough competition to his dad know for good acting.

Let us know what you think of our list of film suggestions for the star kids. And here’s wishing the superstars children all the very best for their future endeavours.