Well well well what can we say now. Another dumb mistake by the innocent Veena Malik who has always been in and around the circle of controversy and discreet. This time the ‘mistake’ is her tweet “india sucks” which has caused a big mishap and has angered the Indians.

So obviously the tweet which was not like by everyone had a bit of a flake in return. And some of the replies to her were:

“I am totally enjoying Veena Malik getting trolled black and blue, Although I doubt her ability to understand that she is being trolled” – Priyanka Lahiri Sen.


Some were aggressive like:

“Veena Malik shouldn’t forget that she earns her bread and butter in India and if we think we’ll send you back to Pakistan!” – Bharghav Pataskar.

After all this mess. The actor, who recently tied the knot with businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, has moved to Dubai had to tackle this scandal with stating that the tweet from handle “@iVeenaMalik” has not been in her use from a long while as her ex-manager has access to it and has been using to blackmail her. Well Veena has walked out some statements in her innocence but let’s see what gets the belief of the world and the furious Indian people.

-Faraz Shah